Employment FAQ

Recruitment and selection policy

All vacancies are first advertised internally to current staff members and then externally through appropriate media as necessary. Teaching vacancies are advertised in the Education Gazette published by the Ministry of Education. You can also find our current vacancies here

Applying for a position

Candidates should complete an application form and submit a detailed curriculum vitae with a covering letter. To prepare our shortlist, we will evaluate the information you provide alongside the position specification and criteria.

If you are selected for a position, we would then ask you to complete a police check and provide copies of your qualification certificates, residence visa and drivers licence.

The interview process

Candidates who are shortlisted are invited to attend an interview at the school. Interviews are conducted by a panel of two or more staff members. Candidates are told who is on the panel when interview arrangements are made. A second interview may be required for final selection.

The selection process seeks to match candidates’ skills and knowledge with the job criteria and also looks at their fit with the culture of the school. This is achieved through a three stage process:

  • application review and shortlisting
  • reference checking
  • interview and skills testing (if appropriate)

The school also validates the current standing of applicants for teaching roles with the New Zealand Teachers Council.

Senior faculty staff participate in the selection of all teaching staff; and senior managers are involved in all other appointments. The board of governors is also involved when recruiting senior appointments.


We ask applicants to nominate three referees the school can contact as part of the selection process. We expect candidates for teaching roles to include their current principal as one of their referees.

Successful applicants

We will notify you as soon as possible of the outcome of your application. If you are shortlisted for an interview we will contact you by phone. Unsuccessful applicants will be notified by letter or email.

For further information please contact us.