International Student Life and Pastoral Care

International Student Life and Pastoral Care

A typical school day

The school days are Monday - Friday from 8:30am - 3:30pm. You will have a 25 minute break in the morning for Interval, and another break at lunchtime at 12:55pm - 1:50pm each day.

The day is structured into 6 periods (or lessons) per day. But most girls participate in co-curricular activities like arts or sports either before or after school. There may be sports games or special music performances held over the weekend.

Tutorials are offered during lunch breaks and after school in a range of subjects, including English as a second Language, (ESOL). For those staying in the Boarding house, extra weekend activities will be arranged such as Saturday trips to the cinema or amusement parks. For girls who are staying with a homestay family, you will be able to participate in family activities, and outings with your host family on the weekend.


International students must have satisfactory accommodation arrangements organised before they are accepted at Diocesan.

Young International Students

Young International Students

International students in years 1 – 8 must live with and continue to live with a parent or legal guardian for the duration of their studies.

Years 9 – 13

Years 9 – 13

Students in years 9 – 13 may live with:
Designated Caregiver
A person nominated by the student’s parents who is a relative or close family friend of the student’s parents.
A homestay family approved by Diocesan. These families are well connected to the school and value the opportunity to support and care for the International student during their time at Diocesan.
Diocesan boarding house caters for students from all over NZ as well as International students. Places are limited and because of this applications should be made 12 months in advance.

English language support

An appropriate level of English is required for entry to Diocesan, as your daughter will be studying all her subjects alongside our domestic students. The English Language (EL) Department aims to ensure your daughter feels welcome and safe in her new learning environment and that her culture and values are acknowledged and respected. Her learning needs are well supported and she will be given opportunities to succeed in both language acquisition and whole school learning. The main goal of Diocesan’s EL programmes at all levels is to enhance the student’s EL skills so that she can achieve in English and all other mainstream subjects. English for English Language Learners (ELLs) is recommended to those students whose English is not their first language. The course is aligned with the English Faculty Achievement Objectives and follows the mainstream programme with the addition of English Language skill development. Lunchtime tutorials and mentoring sessions are held each week where students can complete homework; seek help from peers, senior students or the EL teacher. EL teachers work closely alongside your daughter every day. Along with monitoring their academic progress the teacher is often someone the EL student will feel most comfortable engaging with, so regular enquiries about your daughter’s emotional health and well-being are carried out by these teachers. You are welcome to keep in regular contact with any of her teachers.

Caring for your daughter

The Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016 provides schools with a framework for the care and support of students.

We know it can be hard being so far from home. We want to ensure your daughter is well supported to make the most of her overseas experience. Our Pastoral Care Team, the Director of International Students, and the Homestay Co-ordinator provide comprehensive care for our international students, ensuring their transition into our school is as easy as possible. All her teachers, her host family or boarding staff will take an active interest in making sure your daughter is safe and happy.
Weekly international student meetings and one on one interviews throughout the year are held to assist girls settle into the school's routine and provide them with ongoing support.

Hearing about your daughter’s progress

We stay in regular contact with the families of all our international students to ensure you receive information about how your daughter is getting on. School reports are sent out each term and parents have the opportunity to follow this with a Skype interview if needed. Once your daughter is enrolled you will also be given login access to our intranet site DioConnect where you will be able to view information about your daughter and her progress. We encourage parents to stay in contact with the school via our Director of International Students, your daughter's School Dean and the ESOL teacher.