Circles of Care
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We recognise that the move to Junior High School is a time of change and growth.

We provide continuity of care from the moment students start in Year 7 right through to Year 13.

Our pastoral care network ensures every student’s smooth transition in to Junior High and provides support from tutors, teachers, chaplains, deans, buddies and guidance counsellors. This level of individual care builds confidence and resilience in our girls and ensures that the transition to Senior School is a supported one.

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Circles of Care

This is the time for your daughter to grow, learn and explore herself and the world around her. So it’s essential that she has a support network that cares for her whole wellbeing. Our Pastoral Care goes beyond classmates to include housemates, buddies, tutors, teachers, Deans, Chaplains and
family. That support network is about looking out for our students and looking after them when they need it – and it’s a big part of what makes Dio different.

We offer counselling, health and chaplaincy services, careers advice and personalised tutoring. There is always someone on hand for care and advice, for your daughter and your family, as you journey through Dio.

junior high school circles of care tutors and deans
Tutors and Deans

We have Deans for each year level who are an important link between parents and our School and provide both leadership and guidance for all of our girls. Students also have House-based tutor groups with others in their year. They meet with their tutor every day which helps build a strong,
trusted relationship and creates a place to talk openly about wellbeing and individual goal setting. If anything comes up, our tutors are the first point of contact for students.

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Our Counsellors

Taking care of yourself starts with letting others help, so Dio has a dedicated team of three counsellors ready to support staff and students in any way they need.

By listening, offering support and helping you make a plan you’ll be heard, and cared for in a way that’s unique to you.

junior high school circles of care buddies and peer support
Buddies and Peer Support

We also have Buddy and Peer Support Programmes at all year levels. That means your daughter will always have someone to talk to and a friendly face to help her settle into a new school year.

Part of our Peer Support Programme is the Circles Programme which encourages leadership and teaches our girls skills that help prepare them for life’s challenges. Each Circle group encompasses 16 to 25 students in years 7 and 9 and are led by a year 12 or 13 student. New students outside of these years, which have the biggest intakes, are also given a buddy.

junior high school circles of care our chaplains
Our Chaplains

Our Anglican heritage underpins our vision and who we are as a School community. Our Chaplains are an everyday part of school life, helping nurture faith and personal growth and encouraging our girls to think deeply about the intellectual, moral and social questions that play out all around them.

Our Chaplains offer a confidential Christian presence for our students, staff and wider School community.

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Collaboration and Competition

Every girl at Dio will join one of eight School Houses, each with its own colours, badge and motto. Our Houses build a close sense of community and belonging but there is always a place for friendly competition and teamwork. We hold inter-House challenges in Sports, Music, Dance and Debating and at the end of each year, the house with the most points takes away the Stark Cup.

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