Who is your inner scientist?


Who is your inner scientist?

Year 7 students recently dressed up as their favourite scientists after working on projects in class on female scientists. We had a great speaker this year from the University of Auckland – Dr Christina Buchanan – who shared her own story of how she became a scientist, showing us a science Barbie and explaining that anyone can be a scientist in 2019.

Ivy Barrington presented to the group and impressed with her knowledge and enthusiasm for her favourite scientist. Then our two best dressed students came forward to receive a prize each for their award-winning outfits. McKenna Chan was dressed in scuba diving gear complete with oxygen gas cylinders. Katie Lott dressed as a Mars rover that had recently been sent to space carrying her female scientist’s name. 

After the presentations and the best costume decision, the Year 7s shared an amazing spread of food in a shared lunch.

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