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The Diocesan Old Girls’ League was founded in 1911.

The Old Girls’ League encourages fellowship among Old Girls of the School and fosters their continued association with Diocesan. It has almost 12,000 members worldwide.

The League’s primary role is fellowship and reconnecting friends from school days through an active reunion programme, Founders Day, Golf Days and other special events. The League contributes financially to the school through scholarships and bursaries, and support for the School’s capital campaigns and is a main contributor to Dio Today.

Old Girls have representation on and enthusiastically contribute to every part of the school family, including the Board of Governors, the Heritage Foundation, members of staff, and the parents.

old girls league reunions

Each year we welcome Old Girls back to the School for their 10, 20, 30, 40 year out reunions. We host a one-year out reunion and a five-year out reunion annually. The School, in conjunction with the League, host international reunions as arranged. All past students who attended Diocesan regardless of whether they completed their schooling at Dio or not are welcome. Invitations are sent well in advance – please ensure we have your correct details on record. To learn more contact keatts@diocesan.school.nz.

old girls league alumna merita
Alumna Merita

The Alumna Merita awards were established in 1990 to give recognition to Old Girls who have achieved a high degree of excellence in their chosen fields, and by their example are role models for the current Diocesan students. The awards are given for service to the particular area of expertise and are an extension of the School motto, Ut Serviamus, meaning ‘in order that we may serve’.

old girls league womenwatch

Women2Watch is an opportunity to identify, acknowledge and celebrate the huge contributions – both national and global – being made by some of our 2,400 Old Girls aged 35 and under. The Heritage Foundation and Old Girls’ League, under whose auspices the Women2Watch event is run, believe it is a great opportunity to recognise those inspirational and talented women who are making their mark on the world and are Dio’s rising stars. These women are invited back to the School to share their experiences and learning with current students.

old girls league graduation ball
Graduation Ball

The Old Girls’ League enjoys hosting the Graduation Ball annually to recognise the transition of Year 13 girls from “student” to Old Girl.

Diocesan Old Girls' League Committee

President Committee
Penny Tucker (MacDonald) Sarah Couillault (Willis)
Treasurer Jenny Spillane (Orsborn)
Felicity Buche (Olson) Annabel French (Smaill)
Fellowship Secretary Sheryl Tan
Emma Cleary (Dillon) Lena Saad
Dio Today Editor Rachael Brand
Deirdre Coleman Secretary
Dio Today email: d.g@slingshot.co.nz Tania Fairgray (Railley)
old girls league keeping in touch
Keeping in touch

We encourage all Old Girls to share news, events and achievements and update their contact details. Please fill out the online staying connected forms.

old girls league contacting the committee
Contacting the committee

For information on our events, to submit an article for Dio Today or to contact a committee member,

Email: oldgirls@diocesan.school.nz
Post: Diocesan School Old Girls’ League, PO Box 28382, Remuera, Auckland, 1541.

old girls league dio today
Dio Today

We contribute to Dio Today, the School magazine issued twice a year and would be delighted to hear from you. Please email all submissions to oldgirls@diocesan.school.nz.

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