There are a number of public and private bus companies operating routes to Diocesan from all over Auckland, making getting to school easy. Read from the options on the page below to discover the right bus from your home. Or Download the Diocesan Transport Flyer

Diocesan Buses

These are subsidised by the School and operated by Coachways.  Students use their ID cards as bus passes. The office number is 276 4130 and they have GPS trackers for the 010, 015 and 017 buses that parents can download as an app.  The 067 will have a GPS shortly.

View the Diocesan Bus Fees Sheet

010 Eastern Bus (Eastern and Ellerslie students)
Coachways Bus - Driver Kim
Departs: 7am
Departs: 3.40am
Route: Bus Stop -Opp 95 Smales Rd, Travel Via – Kilkenny Dr, R> Chapel Rd, L> Whitford Rd, R> *Meadowland Dr -  Bus Stop 119 Meadowland Dr, L> Sandspit Rd, Onto Litten Rd, L> Granger Rd, Onto Selwyn Rd, R> *Picton St – Bus Stop 111 Picton St - 7.15am, Onto Ridge Rd, Onto Pakuranga Rd, Highland Park Centre Bus Stop, via Pakuranga Rd, R> Fortunes Rd, L> Butley Dr, L> Glenmore Rd, R> Pakuranga Rd, L> Into *Brampton Ct - Pakuranga Plaza Bus Stop - approx. 7.30am, via Pakuranga Rd,  Onto Lagoon Dr, R> Church Cres, L> Queens Rd, @ Roundabout exit onto Ellerslie/Panmure Hwy,  Onto Main Hwy, R> Again into *Main Hwy – Ellerslie Shops Bus Stop – 7.45am,  Via Main Hwy, R> Great South Rd, L> Margot St  DIOCESAN BUS BAY FOR STUDENTS,  L> Mt St John Ave, R> Market Rd  ST CUTHBERT’S BUS BAY FOR STUDENTS.
017 Pt Chev/Herne Bay
Coachways Bus - Driver Moana
Departs: 7.05am
Departs: 3.40pm
Route: Reposition via Southwestern Motorway Westbound, Exit – Maioro St,
R> Maioro St, L> Stoddard Rd, R> Richardson Rd, *141 Richardson Rd - 7.05am, Onto Woodward Rd, L> Carrington Rd, Onto Pt Chevalier Rd, Outside 52 Pt Chevalier Rd ( top of Montrose Street ) – 7.15am, 196 Pt Chevalier Road, R> Dignan St, R> Walford Rd, L> Meola Rd, L> Garnet Rd, R> West End Rd, L> Jervois Rd, R> Herne Bay Rd, R> Argyle St, L> Wallace St, R> Sarsfield St, R> Shelly Beach Rd,  L> Jervois Rd, R> Ponsonby Rd, L> Picton St, L> Hepburn St, R> Wellington St, R> Union St, R> Southern Motorway Southbound, Exit – Gillies Ave, L> Gillies Ave, R> Mortimer Pass, R> Broadway, L> Great South Rd, R> Erin St, Onto Clyde St, Diocesan School for Girls  Clyde St Bus Bay

(Note: due to Road Management Measures, there is a slight change in this route in the mornings, the 017 now travels Sarsfield St, R> Curran Road, L> Jervois Rd, the return journey in the afternoon the same route as is listed above).

067 Western Bus (Western & Grey Lynn students)
Coachways Bus - Driver Lois 022 600 8348
Departs: 6.45am
Departs: 3.40am
Route: 51 Commercial Rd, Helensville, Route via – Commercial Rd, Onto Mill Rd, L SH 16, 906 SH 16 – Waimauku,
Onto Main Rd, 90 Main Rd – Kumeu Onto SH 16, 331 SH 16 – Near Coatesville / Riverhead Hwy, Airport Rd, stop # 5869 opposite Whenuapai School and the airbase, Onto SH 16 Northwestern Motorway Exit - Great North Rd, 1181 Great North Rd - Pt Chevalier Shops, 523 Great North Rd – Grey Lynn Shops, Onto K’Rd, R Symonds St On ramp onto Southern Motorway, Exit – Gillies Ave, R Gillies Ave, L Owens Rd, L Manukau Rd, R Clyde St, R Margot St, Diocesan School for Girls Bus Bay, R Mt St John Ave, L Manukau Rd, L Campbell Cres, L Market Rd for St Cuthbert’s College

015 Pt Chev/Herne Bay
Coachways Bus : Driver - Sarah
Departs: 7.15am
Departs: 3.40pm
Route:*2 Richmond Rd ( Stop #8076 ), via Richmond Rd, Surrey Cres, Onto Old Mill Rd, Garnet Rd, West End Rd, Jervois Rd, Ponsonby Rd, Hopetoun St, Pitt St, Southern Motorway Southbound, Exit – Gillies Ave, Gillies Ave, Mortimer Pass, Broadway, Great South Rd, Erin St, Onto Clyde St, Diocesan School for Girls Clyde St Bus Bay 

Coachways NZ Buses

From Term 2, 2019 your daughter's student ID will be the official bus pass on all Dio School Buses including the 030 Mt Eden and 019 St Heliers/Glendowie Coachways buses. Students will use their ID to pay on a swipe-to-pay-as-you-ride basis on these routes at $4 per ride. This will require you to put money into your daughter's My Monitor Bus Account with an automatic top up activated to ensure that she has credit to use the School Bus. Please note that if your daughter still has journeys on her Coachways tickets, these can still be used in conjunction with the new system. When these have been used up, you can switch over to the new Student ID system.

These buses are run by Coachways NZ (ph: 276 4130). This service has a GPS tracker on both buses.

ROUTE 030 - Mt Eden to Diocesan
Coachways Bus: 276 4130 Driver - Linda

Mt Eden to Diocesan Inbound 7.05am: Offramp for South Western Motorway, Maioro St, Richardson Rd, New North Rd, Mt Eden Rd, 7.30am: Bus Stop Mt Eden Rd near Enfield St, via Mt Eden Rd, Esplanade Rd, View Rd, Horoeka Ave, Valley Rd, Dominion Rd, Balmoral Rd, Onto Greenlane West, Manukau Rd, Clyde St, Margot St, Mt St John Ave, Market Rd

Outbound 3.40pm: Depart DIOCESAN SCHOOL BUS BAY, Travel via Margot St, L> Mt St John Ave, R> Market Rd (ST CUTHBERT'S BUS BAY PICK UP), L> Campbell Cres, L> Manukau Rd, R> Greenlane West, Onto Balmoral Rd, R> Dominion Rd, R> Valley Rd, L> Horoeka Ave, R> View Rd, L> Esplanade Rd, L> Mt Eden Rd, LAST STOP  97 MT EDEN RD ( MT EDEN TRAIN STATION ) END TRIP

ROUTE 019 – St Heliers/Glendowie to Diocesan
Coachways Bus: 276 4130 Driver - Heidi

St Heliers/Glendowie to Diocesan Inbound 7.05am: 305 St Heliers Bay Road, 7.15am: Maskell St (outside St Heliers Bay School), Maskell St, R> Riddell Rd, R> St Heliers Bay Rd, R> Polygon Rd, L> Turua St, L> Tamaki Dr, via Tamaki Dr, L> Ngapipi Road, L> Ngaiwi St, R> Coates Ave, R> Kepa Rd, L> Orakei Rd, R> Remuera Rd, L> Market Rd, R> Great South Rd, L> Margot St (DIOCESAN BUS BAY FOR STUDENTS),  L> Mt St John Ave, R> Market Rd (ST CUTHBERT’S BUS BAY FOR STUDENTS).

Outbound 3.40pm: Depart DIOCESAN SCHOOL BUS BAY,  via Margot St, R> Mt St John Ave, L> Campbell Cres, L> Market Rd (ST CUTHBERTS BUS BAY PICK UP), via Market Rd, R> Remuera Rd, L> Orakei Rd, R> Kepa Rd, L> Coates Ave, L> Ngaiwi St, R> Ngapipi Rd, R> Tamaki Dr, R> Turua St, R>; Polygon Rd, L> St Heliers Bay Rd, L> Maskell St, Onto Riddell Rd, Onto St Heliers Bay Road, LAST STOP  320 St Heliers Bay Rd.

Devonport Shuttle

Devonport Peninsula/Takapuna Shuttle Bus
Devonport Tours: 021 960 312 Driver - Paul Mullane

Departs Tennyson Ave, Takapuna 7.50am Arrives Tennyson Ave, Takapuna 3.55pm

This service starts at the Peninsula and collects students from as close to their residence as possible.  At Tennyson Ave, the bus splits into two buses, one of which travels directly to Diocesan. This private service changes $10 per day ($8.70 +GST) and a term ticket is changed in advance.

Auckland Transport Buses

All Auckland Transport School Buses require an AT HOP card to travel.  Details for these services can be found on the AT website:

School Bus # 516 
Parnell to Epsom
Departs 7.45am
Departs 3.20pm (from Mountain Road)
Route: Opp 112 Gladstone Road (stop 7646), Gladstone Road, Canterbury Place, St Stephens Avenue, Brighton Road, Shore Road, Seaview Road, Bassett Road, Remuera Road, Market Road, Campbell Crescent, Manukau Road, Clyde Street, Margot Street, Mount St John Avenue, Manukau Road, Alpers Avenue, Gillies Avenue, Owens Road, Mountain Road, Opp 54 Mountain Road (stop 8617)

School Bus # 520 
Mt Roskill to Epsom
Departs 7.25am
Departs 3.40pm
Route: 388 Mt Albert Road (stop 8832), Mt Albert Road, Buckley Road, Selwyn Road, The Drive, Green Lane West, Manukau Road, Campbell Crescent, Market Road, Market Road, Ranfurly Road, Manukau Road, St Marks Road, Remuera Road, Orakei Road, Shore Road, Victoria Avenue, Victoria Avenue near Baradine College (stop 7783)

School Bus # 521
Glen Innes to Epsom 
Departs 7.20am
Departs 3.35pm
Route: Stop C Glen Innes Station (stop 7821), Apirana Avenue, Merton Road, Morrin Road, Stonefields Avenue, Tepha Boulevard, Bluegrey Avenue, College Road, St Johns Road, Remuera Road, Market Road, Campbell Crescent, Manukau Road, Clyde Street, Margot Street, Mount St John Avenue, (R) Manukau Road, Alpers Avenue, Gilles Avenue, Owens Road, Owens Road by Epsom Girls Grammar Gate (stop 1495)

School Bus # 522 
St Heliers to Epsom
Departs 7.15am & 7.30am
Departs 3.35pm & 3.40pm
Route: Opposite 411 Tamaki Drive (stop 7344), Tamaki Drive, Turua Street, Polygon Road, St Heliers Bay Road, Kohimarama Road, Kepa Road, Coates Avenue, Ngaiwi Street, Ngapipi Road, Purewa Bridge, Orakei Road, Shore Road, Victoria Avenue, Remuera Road, St Marks Road, Manukau Road, Clyde Street, Margot Street, Mount St John Avenue, Manukau Road, Campbell Crescent, Market Road, 137 Market Road (stop 1753)

School Bus # 523 
Glendowie to Epsom
Departs 7.15am
Departs 3.48pm  
Route: Opposite 411 Tamaki Drive (stop 7344), Tamaki Drive, Vale Road, Bay Road, Riddell Road, Rochdale Avenue, Chesterfield Avenue, Maskell Street, St Heliers Bay Road, Kohimarama Road, Kepa Road, Purewa Bridge, Orakei Road, Remuera Road, Market Road, Campbell Crescent, Manukau Road, Clyde Street, Margot Street, Mount St John Avenue, Owens Road (1495)

School Bus # 524 
Remuera to Epsom
Departs 7.40am Arrives 8.30am
Departs 3.30pm (Owens Road)
Route: 12 Upland Road (stop 7746), Upland Road, Benson Road, Orakei Road, Remuera Road, Clonbern Road, Lillington Road, Armadale Road, Dromorne Road, Market Road, Campbell Crescent, Manukau Road, Clyde Street, Margot Street, Mount Street John Avenue, Manukau Road, 95 Manukau Road (stop 8701)

School Bus # 525 
Ponsonby to Epsom
Departs 7.40am Arrives 8.20am
Departs 3.40pm (Manukau Road)
Route: 219 Jervois Road (stop 7124), Jervois Road, Ponsonby Road, Karangahape Road, Symonds Street, Khyber Pass Road, Broadway, Manukau Road, 2 Manukau Road (stop 8700)

School Bus # 006
Titirangi to Epsom (Ritchies Bus)
Departs: 7.05am
Departs: 3.25pm
Route: Titirangi Village (stop 5221 at 423 Titirangi Rd), Titirangi, Godley, Connaught, Gilfillan, Blockhouse Bay, Donovan, White Swan, Richardson, Dominion, Mt Albert (for Marcellin College), Pah, Manukau, Campbell, Market (for St Cuthbert's College), Ranfurly, Manukau, Clyde, Margot (for Diocesan School, Epsom Girls), Mt St John, Market, Remuera (for Kings School and St Kentigern Girls School), Victoria Ave (for Baradene College), Shore Rd (for St Kentigern Boys School).

 School Bus # 064
Albany Station to Epsom (Ritchies Bus)
Departs: 7.10am
Departs: 3.25pm (from Baradene)
Route: Albany Bus Station, Constellation Bus Station, Sunnynook Bus Station, Smales Farm Bus Station, Akoranga Bus Station, Nthern M/Way, Gillies Ave off ramp, Gillies Ave to Owens Rd, Manukau Rd, Clyde St, Margot St, Mt St John Rd; Manukau Rd, Campbell Cres, Market Rd to Remuera Rd, Orakei Rd, Shore Rd, Victoria Avenue. (NB: afternoon journey departs from Manukau Road outside Epsom Girls Grammar)