Anglican Identity
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Our Anglican Identity is the grounding on which Diocesan School is built.

It permeates every aspect of our school life and the Christian principles of love, compassion, hope, justice and diversity are present in every area of the school. Our Anglican Identity is explicitly expressed through Chaplaincy, Service Learning and Religious Studies.

Students are strengthened and nourished by Christian worship and pastoral care, encouraged to value serving others as the ultimate achievement, and to explore Christian teaching plus their own and others’ belief systems.  We aim to ensure that, through these programmes, our students are well rounded and compassionate human beings who go on to make a difference in the world.

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The Chaplains

The role of a Chaplain in an Anglican school is to lead worship, to nurture faith and personal identity, to assist the community to acknowledge and celebrate significant rites of passage, to encourage and challenge students and staff to engage in intellectual, moral, ethical and social issues, as they relate to their own lives, and to provide a confidential listening ear for anyone in the school community who may be in need in any way.

anglican identity chaplaincy and pastoral care
Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care

The Chaplains are both ordained Anglican Priests who provide a safe, confidential and professional Christian presence in the school where students, staff and members of the wider school community can find support. They work across the whole school community to ensure that we are living up to the Gospel principles of love, generosity, justice, peace, hope and service.

anglican identity service learning
Service Learning

Our desire to have Service Learning as a key focus at Diocesan emanates from Jesus’ teaching that we are to love our neighbour as ourselves. This love of neighbour is translated into practical action through our Service Learning Programme.

Our motto is Ut Serviamus, which can be translated as in order that we may serve. We have a commitment to ensuring that our students learn the concepts that underlie an ethic of service and have opportunities to be involved in meaningful service experiences that enhance their own learning while they are at school. We hope that this will continue to be an important part of their lives as adults, and that they will continue to serve their communities and love their neighbour as themselves.

anglican identity chapel

Students in the Junior School (Years 0-6) come to chapel services twice a week. They also attend the Mothering Sunday Service at Holy Trinity Cathedral, their Sunday House Service, and the Junior School Carol Service.

Students in the Junior High School (Years 7-10) come to chapel once every seven school days. They also attend their Year Level Service, their Sunday House Service, and the Carol Service.

Students in the Senior School (Years 11-13) come to chapel once every seven school days. They also attend their Year Level service, and their House Service. Students are invited to attend the Carol Service.

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Religious studies

The essence of our philosophy is that we are spiritual beings and we all yearn for connection. In Religious Studies we address critical issues relevant to life in the 21st Century.  Our Religious Studies programme is based the Five Strand Approach.

The 5 Strands are as follows:

  • Christianity and the Bible
  • Ethics and Morality
  • Philosophy of Religion
  • World Religions
  • Stillness and Reflection


anglican identity baptism and communion
Baptism and Communion

Baptism is a sacrament (an outward physical sign of an inner spiritual reality) and signifies admission to the Body of Christ, the Church. A Service of Baptism and Admission to Communion is held each year. All students are welcome to be baptised, whatever their age. A programme of preparation is held for these students in which they learn about Baptism and Communion.

For students already baptised but not yet receiving Communion, there is the opportunity to be formally admitted to Communion at the Student Baptism service. A programme of preparation on the meaning of Baptism and Communion takes place prior to this service. All students who have been baptised are welcome to take part in this, whatever their age.

anglican identity confirmation

Confirmation is offered to students from Year 11 onwards as an adult profession of faith. It is no longer a prerequisite for receiving Communion (Baptism is the only prerequisite). A Confirmation service is held each year after a period of preparation and an overnight retreat lead by the Chaplains. During the Confirmation Service students profess their faith and receive the Laying on of Hands by the Bishop.

anglican identity weddings and baptism
Weddings and Baptism

The Chaplain is available to conduct marriage services for members of the Diocesan community during term time. This includes old girls, staff and parents of students. Marriages may be held in the Diocesan Chapel or at another agreed venue.

Baptism services are held one Sunday morning each term for children of staff and old girls. Students are invited to be baptised at a special service on Palm Sunday, the Sunday immediately prior to Easter, or at our Confirmation Service in August.

anglican identity funerals

The Chaplain is available to conduct funerals for members of the Diocesan School community. This includes students and staff, old girls, family members of staff and students. Funerals are able to be held in the Chapel at appropriate times so as not to disrupt the ongoing life of the school.

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