The Dio Difference
Every school believes they are different. Because every school is. But the real difference isn’t in one thing or another. It’s how everything comes together to help you learn.
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The Dio difference is the experience you’ll have, the way you learn and the friendships you make that will last a lifetime.

Every parent wants the best for their children. We absolutely share that goal. That’s why we walk alongside every student as we help them learn, discover and grow to be more than they ever imagined.

Our excellent academic record stands for itself, but Dio stands for so much more. We believe that education is an adventure involving creativity, imagination and discovery.

the dio difference our people
Our difference is our people

Good teachers love to teach. Great teachers have an insatiable curiosity and infectious passion for learning. That’s what makes our teachers and support team leaders, inside and outside the classroom. With the bravery to challenge the status quo, they work in partnership with students to create a one-of-a-kind learning environment and discover moments of magic and brilliance together.

the dio difference our faith
Our difference is our faith

Our Anglican heritage underpins our vision and enhances our school community. Our Chaplains are an everyday part of school life. They walk alongside our girls to nurture their faith and personal growth. Every girl is encouraged to think deeply about the intellectual, moral and social questions in the world around them and understand the importance of love, service, peace, justice and hope.

the dio difference our choice
Our difference is choice

Students at Dio learn in smaller classes with exceptional facilities. Our student-led curriculum gives our girls the choice of pathways and passions that best suit them. We also invest in specialist teachers who recognise talent and support learning at the highest levels. These choices extend outside the classroom with countless opportunities for self-discovery and success in sports, the arts and more.

the dio difference our place
Our difference is our place

Walking onto our campus feels like a step back in time and a leap into the future. Our Chapel sits at the heart of the school, nestled in manicured gardens among state-of-the-art sustainable facilities where we learn, think and grow our talents and skills. These include our purpose-built Centre for the Arts, our high-tech science and innovation block and an outstanding multi-purpose heated pool.

the dio difference our indepenence
Our difference is independence

As an independent school, we have the freedom to explore innovative approaches to learning for a fast-changing world. Our futures thinking programme is world-leading. We explore ethics in every year group and Mātauranga Māori is woven into everyday learning through Te Whare Huia. These new ways of learning help inspire the learners of today and empower the leaders of tomorrow.

the dio difference our principal
Our difference is leadership

Strong leaders have a clear vision for the future and an easy ability to inspire others. Our Principal, Heather McRae is an award-winning leader who firmly believes there is leadership potential in all of us. She works alongside our experienced leadership team and guides us to go beyond teaching knowledge and help every girl develop the influence and empathy she needs to make a meaningful difference in the world we share.

the dio difference you
Our difference is you

Our teachers, ideas, curriculum and facilities are the building blocks of a great education. But the real difference in any school is the difference you bring. It’s your job to bring the best of you and ours to help you seize those opportunities and be more than you ever imagined.

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