Performing Arts
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In Junior School we concentrate on fostering a love of the performing arts.

Girls are taught all three disciplines of Music, Dance and Drama from preschool all the way through to Year 6. It makes us so proud to report that many of our girls go on to become talented and successful musicians, actors and dancers.

junior school performing arts music

We recognise the significant impact that music can have on your daughter’s development and the unique way that it interweaves with all subjects at school. Here at Dio, musical performance is encouraged, nurtured and promoted through singing and the playing of musical instruments.

All pupils are encouraged to express themselves musically and to achieve a high standard of musicianship, whatever their ability and skill level. We believe in promoting and providing ‘music for all’ whilst encouraging and enabling those who excel to be the best that they can be.

junior school performing arts music curriculum
The Music Curriculum

The students at Diocesan Junior School learn music using the Kodály method. This pedagogy is based on the philosophies of Zoltan Kodály, a noted Hungarian composer, ethnomusicologist and pedagogue.

The twice-weekly music programme involves girls performing music through singing, playing and moving, reading and writing music, creating music and aurally and visually analysing music.

In every class, the girls are engaged in a number of sequential, developmental activities, each with a musical goal such as developing music literacy, building confidence when performing, increasing knowledge of music history and theory, analysing music and composing and improvising. Through these learning experiences, students are given opportunities to engage in personal development and social cohesion.

junior school performing arts benefits of music training
Benefits of Music Training

As a result of this Kodály music training, students are not only immersed in music, but are developing an independent and sophisticated understanding of essential musical skills and knowledge at an earlier stage.

Consequently, many students are ready to embark on the process of learning a bowed instrument in Year 3. In Years 3 and 4 as part of the music curriculum we offer in the Junior School, every girl learns to play a string instrument. In Year 5, we introduce our young musicians to the world of band music and girls learn to play a brass and woodwind instrument in their music class. Our aim by Year 6 is that our girls have had the chance to experiment and play a wide variety of orchestral instruments.

junior school performing arts co curricular programme
The Co-Curricular Programme

There are numerous opportunities for girls to further their music learning by participating in some of the co-curricular groups we offer. These are tailored each academic year to cater to the needs of current pupils:

  • Junior School Kapa Haka Group
  • Bella Voce (all comers Years 4-6 choir)
  • Chapel Choir (Years 5 & 6 auditioned choir)
  • Junior School String Orchestra (Ensemble for string players in Years 2-6)
  • Junior Concert Band (Ensemble for wind, brass and percussion players in Years 3-6)
  • Junior Orff Orchestra (Marimba ensemble for pianists and percussionists in Years 5 & 6)
  • Year 5 Production of Junior Broadway Musical (Term 1)
junior school performing arts performance

We offer many opportunities for performance at Diocesan, through singing and by playing an instrument. The aim is to develop risk-taking, self-confidence, team building skills and a good feeling of self-esteem and self-belief. Group activities whether large instrumental ensemble, choral, whole class, small group or whole school, help pupils to work together as a team.

During the school year, girls get the opportunity to perform and share their music making in the community through public performances such as concerts, chapel services, choir tours, competitions and school productions. Through all these unique performances, pupils are given the required training and support to feel as professional and successful as possible. This adds to the sense of pride and accomplishment.

junior school performing arts dance and drama
Dance and Drama

As a PYP school dance and drama are integrated where possible into the units of inquiry and are collaboratively planned with classroom teachers to provide a more authentic and meaningful contexts from New Zealand and globally.

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