We believe all learners have an opportunity to become digitally capable individuals. 

A ‘MakerSpace’ work area presents readily available materials that can act as a provocation for inquiry, as well as modern technology and items with which to invent. It is a place where students have an opportunity to explore their own interests or collaborate with others, learning to use tools and materials to develop creative projects. 

Our MakerSpace has been developed for students, teachers and the community to come together to create and make through hands-on learning with zones for construction, digital learning, soft materials, green screen, cooking and hard materials. It is filled with an incredible range of engaging resources such as Lego, robots, sewing machines, tools and a 3D printer.

We encourage our students not to limit themselves to consuming technology, but also instilling in them a desire to explore and create with it. We have developed unique maker education plans tailored to suit our needs in the Junior School integrating the teaching and learning of the STEAM curriculum – science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics using our MakerSpace.

The MakerSpace is open at lunchtime for our students to continue exploring and working on longer-term projects.