Outstanding 2021 Exam Results for Dio


Outstanding 2021 Exam Results for Dio

Diocesan School for Girls – 2021 Exam Results

NCEA Results

This was another year of excellent NCEA results across all levels and we are very proud of the continued success of our girls.  The results are a real reflection of the dedication of the staff, and the mahi of the girls, during an extraordinary year as they worked both online and within the school environment.

Level                                                               2021 Dio Results %               2021 National Results

Level 1                                                                          100                                                   67.6

Endorsed Merit                                                          22                                                     32.4

Endorsed Excellence                                                  78                                                     21.1

Level 2                                                                          100                                                   74.7

Endorsed Merit                                                          33                                                     24.8

Endorsed Excellence                                                  54                                                     17.9

Level 3                                                                          100                                                   67.5

Endorsed Merit                                                          35.6                                                 26.1

Endorsed Excellence                                                  50                                                     17.8

University Entrance                                                    100                                                 49.1


Students at Diocesan School for Girls have again gained exceptional results in New Zealand’s Scholarship examinations, with Esther Oh topping the country in Scholarship History.

In addition, Kate Wellington achieved Scholarship in four subjects, including an Outstanding result in Biology, and Amelie Thomas also gained four Scholarships. Year 12 student Lucy Russ achieved three Scholarships, an impressive result, considering she took the exams a year earlier than most.

In total, Dio students were awarded 57 Scholarships in 2021, with 10 of those achieving an Outstanding result. The Scholarships were spread across faculties and reflected outstanding achievements across the broad spectrum of subjects.

Our Graduates from 2021 are now beginning their tertiary students all around New Zealand and the globe.  They have been offered in excess of $1.5 million in University Scholarships across every New Zealand University and several across the Australia, USA and the UK.

“We’re exceptionally proud of the results that our students have achieved through their hard work and dedication in the face of another disrupted and challenging year,” said Margaret van Meeuwen, Head of Senior School, Diocesan School for Girls. “It’s particularly rewarding to see students win Scholarships in new areas, and in all areas of the curriculum. This is testament to the commitment of our staff who have worked tirelessly to ensure our students’ success.”

International Baccalaureate Diploma

Diocesan achieved the best results ever for the IB Diploma with a 100% pass rate and 66% of candidates achieving a score of 40+ and being named Top Scholars for New Zealand. Diocesan Top Scholar with 44 points was Joomee Choi.

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