Thursday 03 November, 2022
2022 Sports Awards
A big congratulations to the following students for their efforts across a number of sporting codes this year.

 Junior High Sports Awards 2022


Individual Merit Awards

Evelyn Liu – Badminton 

Samantha Ford – Basketball 

Frankie Ashford – Basketball 

Sophie Priscott – Basketball 

Molly Farrands – Cricket 

Zara Khan – Cricket 

Phoebe MacGill – Cricket 

Olivia Maire – Cricket 

Olivia McDonald – Cricket 

Maddie Worrall – Cross Country 

Hannah McManus – Cross Country, Touch, Aquathon, Netball 

Mika James – Cycling 

Alice Wellington – Cycling 

Indie Williams – Cycling 

Coco Fougere – Equestrian 

Harriette Giltrap – Equestrian 

Joanna Chen – Fencing 

Wendy Chen – Fencing 

Sophia Haines – Football 

Mia Hanton – Football 

Louella Chabal-T – Gymnastics 

Mila Gasan – Hockey 

Sophia Head – Hockey 

Chloe Ulmer – Hockey 

Isla Watkins – Hockey 

Aimee Herrod – Lacrosse 

Gemma Kidd – Lacrosse 

Boh Curran – Netball 

Grace Larsen – Netball 

Piper Hayton – Netball & Equestrian 

Annabel Duff – Sailing 

Mielene Schuetze – Sailing 

Lydia Zhu – Sailing 

Sammi Edgar – Tennis 

Chloe Rawlence – Tennis 

Kate Beagley – Touch 

Olivia Tongue – Underwater Hockey 

Georgia Clark – Water Polo 

Lucy Gilleece – Water Polo 

Charlotte Sanders – Water Polo 


Team Merit Awards 

Diocesan U15 Navy Hockey Team – Isla Barker, Alice Berry, Laura Bowden, Daisy Buchanan, Charlotte Foote, Samantha Ford, Mila Gasan, Lucy Gibson, Freddie Hatton, Evie Houtman, Ellie, McDonald, Olivia McDonald, Zoe Paterson, Sophia Rogers, Eseta Tavui, Iris Tooman, Eloise Voss. 

Diocesan Year 7 & 8 Ski Team – Anna Yuan, Maya Zurflueh, Amelia George, Pippa Forman, Lucy Forman, Olivia Bethell, Brooke Torries, Sofia Felderhof 


Individual Distinction Awards 

Jacqueline Nasrabadi – Athletics 

Maddie Worrall – Cross Country 

Queenie Lang – Golf 

Alice Wellington – Gymnastics 

Elly Lau – Hockey 

Liv Barker – Hockey 

Olivia Carpenter – Hockey 

Isla Barker – Hockey 

Sylvie Brewer – Lacrosse 

Ellie McDonald – Lacrosse 

Grace Jeromson – Swimming 

Frankie Dodunski – Swimming 


Team Distinction Awards 

Diocesan U14 Dio Rockets Duathlon – Sophia Haines & Milly Ruddenklau 

Diocesan U12/13 Dio Raptors Duathlon – Liv Bethell & Emily Keene 

Diocesan U12/13 Dio Magic Duathlon – Chloe Ulmer & Grace Larsen 


Individual Blues Awards 

Indie Williams – Cross Country & Duathlon 

Christine Aixinjueluo – Ice Skating 

Isla Barker – Sailing 

Channelle Huang – Swimming 


Team Blues Awards

Diocesan Year 8 3 Person Cross Country Team – Indie Williams, Maddie Worrall, Tessa Lepionka 

Diocesan Year 7 & 8 Cycling Team – Alice Wellington, Maddie Worrall, Liv Bethell, Mika James 

U12/13 Dio Mavericks Duathlon Team – Alice Wellington & Maddie Worrall 

U14 Dio Warriors Duathlon Team – Hannah McManus & Annabelle Judd 

Māwhitiwhiti Water Polo Team – Georgia Clark, Emily Dick, Bonnie Fitzgerald, Charlotte Manks, Liberty O’Donnell, Chloe Sandor, Indie Williams, Poppy Williams, Olivia Willis, Halle Wilson


Special Awards


Anna Lynskey 


Queenie Lang 


Maddie Worrall & Alice Wellington 


Hannah McManus 


Kate Beagley 


Indie Williams & Isla Barker 


2022 Senior School Sports Awards


Individual Merit

Amy Shennan – Athletics 

Anei Todd – Athletics 

Amelia Green – Athletics & Road Racing 

Coco Hewitt – Basketball 

Evie Sleigh – Basketball 

Zoe Yin – Basketball 

Erin Zhang – Basketball 

Juliet Harland – Cycling 

Madeline Robinson – Dragon Boating & Lacrosse 

Madeleine Seymour – Equestrian 

Alice Sharpe – Fencing 

Lola Wood – Football 

Lara Flood – Football & Futsal 

Ella Hanton – Football & Futsal 

Anika Wood – Gymnastics 

Clementine Buchanan – Hockey 

Brooke Chandler – Hockey 

Grace Hilton-Jones – Hockey 

Lily Loveridge – Hockey 

Lilly Freeman – Lacrosse 

Clementine Dryden – Netball 

Phoebe Duncan – Netball 

Marina Farac – Netball 

Frances Hunt – Netball 

Madeleine Jorgensen – Netball 

Siniua Ngata – Netball 

Martha O’Keefe – Netball 

Sylvie Phibbs – Netball 

Kate Skinner-Spence – Netball 

Olivia Smithies – Netball 

Gracie Thomas – Netball 

Olivia Hardie – Netball & Basketball 

Karla Stevenson – Netball & Touch 

Lucy Russ – Orienteering 

Natalie Spillane – Rowing 

Lucy Tucker – Sailing 

Elyse Neill – Taekwon-Do 

Hazel Faire – Underwater Hockey 

Ava Hanley – Underwater Hockey 

Sara MacGillivray – Underwater Hockey 

Mimi Chokkanapitug – Volleyball 

Jasmine Soakai – Volleyball 

Lucia Partigliani – Water Polo 


Team Merit

Diocesan Premier Basketball Team – Phoebe Duncan, Olivia Hardie, Coco Hewitt, Athena Oliver, Evie Sleigh, Vita Yarrell-Stevenson, Zoe Yin, Erin Zhang, Chloe Luo 

Diocesan Premier Netball Team – Josie Christie, Clementine Dryden, Phoebe Duncan, Sophie Jamison, Madeleine Jorgensen, Meg McKinnon, Ellie Millard, Zara Preece- Twose, Karla Stevenson, Sophia Winstanley, Lauren Batchelor, Boh Curran 

Diocesan Senior Orienteering Relay Team – Amelia McIntosh Lucy Russ Sienna Payne 

Diocesan Rowing U15 Octuple Sculls – Edith Li, Sophie Jamison, Millie Struthers, Ruby Hulme, Emma Maxwell, Yasmin Phillips, Susie Finlayson, Aimee Herrod, coxswain Sophie Coombes 

Diocesan Rowing U16 Coxed Four – Emily Cosham, Lucy Irwin, Xanthe Williams, Georgia Haskell, coxswain Sophie Coombes 

Diocesan Rowing U15 Coxed Quadruple Sculls – Edith Li, Sophie Jamison, Ruby Hulme, Millie Struthers, coxswain Paige Rose 

Diocesan Rowing U16 Coxed Quadruple Sculls – Rosie Wiseman, Alexandra Fletcher, Georgia Haskell, Imogen Worrall, coxswain Paige Rose 

Diocesan Rowing U15 Coxed Eight – Edith Li, Sophie Jamison, Millie Struthers, Ruby Hulme, Emma Maxwell, Yasmin Phillips, Susie Finlayson, Daisy Wrapson, coxswain Bo Alpe 

Diocesan Rowing U16 Double Sculls – Rosie Wiseman, Imogen Worrall 


Individual Distinction Awards

Phoebe Duncan – Basketball 

Lucy Pettit – Hockey 

Holly Hilton-Jones – Hockey 

Mackenzie Robertson – Hockey 

Eve Finlayson – Hockey 

Felicity Bannatyne – Hockey 

Lucy Blanchard – Hockey 

Casey Lam – Hockey 

Zara Preece-Twose – Hockey 

Anais Hamilton – Hockey 

Sienna Payne – Orienteering 

Zambia Neely – Underwater Hockey 

Mila Hopwood-Craig – Underwater Hockey 

Kasey McDowell – Water Polo 

Isabella Dalton – Water Polo 

Jenna Veal – Water Polo 

Hannah Bell – Water Polo 

Ruby Helm – Water Polo 


Team Distinction Awards 

Diocesan Senior Cross Country 6 Person Team – Amelia Green, Anei Todd, Jessica Finnegan, Eve Finlayson, Juliet Harland, Lucy Russ 

Diocesan Senior Orienteering Relay Team – Lucy Russ Amelia McIntosh, SIenna Payne, Gemma Twist 

Diocesan North Island Swim Relay Team – Alex Campion, Arabella Duncan, Eva Allan, Leila Ibrahim, Vita Yarrell-Stevenson, Frankie Dodunski, Grace Jeromson 

Diocesan Senior 2x 50m Free Relay – Eva Allan & Alex Campion 

Diocesan Premier Water Polo – Lauren Batchelor, Hannah Bell, Isabella Dalton, Georgia Daly, Ava Darbyshire, Billie Frecker-Netten, Sophie Gardiner, Ruby Helm, Louise Masefield, Kasey McDowall, Lucia Partigliani, Millie Quin, Jenna Veal, Vita Yarrell-Stevenson 


Individual Blues Awards

Lucy Shennan – Athletics 

Maddie Kelso-Heap – Athletics 

Mackenzie Marlo – Equestrian 

Olivia Erskine – Football 

Grace Wellington – Gymnastics 

Rebecca Hounsell – Rock Climbing 

Alex Campion – Swimming 

Eva Allan – Swimming 

Isabella Hitchen – Synchronized Swimming 

Georgia Daly – Water Polo 


Team Blues Award

Diocesan Premier Fencing Team – Johana Chen, Wendy Chen, Alice Sharpe, Chantelle May 


Honours Award

Chantelle May – Fencing 

Sienna French – Gymnastics 

Lizzie Shapland – Sailing 

Millie Quin – Water Polo 

Lauren Batchelor – Water Polo 

Sophie Gardiner – Water Polo 


Special Awards 

Spraggon McFarlane Cup for Outstanding Contribution by a Code Captain

Clementine Dryden 

Dio Sport Student Official of the Year

Maia Hunter 

Dio Sport Student Coach of the Year

Madeleine Jorgensen & Olivia Hardie 

Coach of the Year

Evan Joseph 

Vicki Hearfield Cup for Initiative in Sport

Juliet Harland 

Allison Roe Cup for Service to Sport

Sophie Gardiner 

Fujifilm Award for Staff Contribution

Susy Carryer 

Volunteer of the Year

Tim Wiseman 

Dio Sport Team of the Year

Premier Fencing 

Del Hooper Cup for Outstanding Individual Achievement 

Sienna French & Chantelle May 

Barbara Kissling Cup for Sportswoman of the Year

Millie Quin 

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