Friday 05 July, 2024
2024 Honorary Prefects
Honorary Prefects are awarded halfway through the year to acknowledge the Year 13 students who have exemplified the leadership qualities inherent in the values of the school.
Vanessa Huang
It is undeniable that Vanessa is an integral member of the Year 13 cohort and a most deserving Honorary Prefect for 2024. Vanessa has a kind heart and acts with a humble commitment to serve others. Whether she’s tutoring her peers for free, leading the Sweat with Pride initiative, or just being a friendly face cheering you on – Vanessa is someone you can always count on. But it is Vanessa’s attribute of being genuine that makes her such an incredible role model among her peers. Not only is she genuine to herself and who she is, but Vanessa demonstrates the importance of being genuine in all that she does. In doing so she inspires those around her to be more genuine to themselves and others too. Vanessa, we know that you will continue to embody this year’s vision and Kō Tatou to the fullest extent as a friend, peer, and leader. Congratulations Vanessa!
Nina Nakhle
is the absolute embodiment of Dio spirit. She is always the first person to lend a helping hand with a smile from ear to ear. Her bubbly personality coupled with her ability to make others feel welcome makes her a special addition to the school and as an Honorary Prefect. Nina always fully commits to whatever she does; whether it be showing up to help out at drive-through, being the most creatively dressed on dress-up days, or being the first to volunteer and offer her support. Notably, her contributions to Selwyn and determination to carry out every task to the best of her abilities make her an integral member of her house. Nina is always willing to go the extra mile, especially when it is for others. You will always see Nina giving it her all and encouraging others to do the same. This makes her easily approachable, and someone you can always count on. Nina’s contagious generosity and spirit make her a deserving recipient. Congratulations Nina!
Charlotte Johnston
is a down-to-earth, enthusiastic, and caring member of our school. Despite only joining Dio in Year 12, Charlotte has greatly contributed to the school community. This year, Charlotte is the Head Boarder. Within Dio Boarding, Charlotte is a friendly face for all girls living away from home. She goes out of her way to make sure everyone is enjoying their time at Boarding, and that a welcoming culture is being fostered. Everyone at boarding loves, and looks up to Charlotte. Outside of Boarding, Charlotte’s generosity and fun nature shines through in all she does. She is an important member of the cricket 1st XI and plays in the Senior Social hockey team too. Charlotte is a great team member – someone who can be depended on, but also someone who knows how to laugh at herself and have fun.Despite all of her achievements, Charlotte is always incredibly humble. Everyone agrees that she is a welcomed breath of fresh air around school, and that her smile is infectious. We are proud to be able to celebrate her today.
Kate Eggleston
It is difficult to find enough wonderful words to describe Kate’s radiant energy. She is a kind-hearted and empathetic member of our school. She is always smiling and is constantly uplifting others. In doing so, Kate, possibly without realising it, encourages everyone around her to be a bit more positive in their own lives. Kate is truly a pocket full of sunshine, brightening every room that she walks into and will certainly brighten anyone’s day. Her natural leadership and commitment to inclusivity really help to make Dio the place that it is. Kate is constantly looking for ways to help others, never seeking recognition for herself in return. Kate’s passion and contagious enthusiasm have been instrumental to the Dio community. Especially in Mitchelson as one of the deputy leaders, and also in the various Arts groups Kate is a part of. Her selflessness makes Kate a wonderful role model in our community and a more than deserving recipient of this recognition today.
Arabella Duncan
is a kind and conscientious part of the Year 13 cohort. She is an active member within the Dio community and is always willing to put her hand up to help. You can trust that anything Arabella applies herself to, will be completed to the best of her ability. Taking on the roll of Tutor Captain and organiser of the Year 13’s leavers book, Arabella ensures that everyone is included. She truly goes above and beyond in all that she does. As a coach and teammate in water polo, Arabella is a fantastic and natural leader. She always stays true to herself, and her values. Arabella confidently embraces what it means to be genuine. Not only that, Arabella is always there with open arms as a friend to listen. There is no doubt that she will continue to be a great role model as an honorary prefect for 2024. Congratulations Arabella!

May Wang and Poppy Tingey were away for the assembly and will be acknowledged in Term 3.

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