Thursday 11 April, 2024
Navigate to Victory: Dio Students Conquer Orienteering Challenges
During Term 1, Dio had 30 students competing in the Central Zone Orienteering Sprint Series. Competitors ranged from complete novices to experienced orienteers.

A sprint is a short, urban, orienteering course, usually held on a school campus. The shortest courses are around 1500 metres, whilst older students are running up to 4km.

Completing the Orienteering course without missing any controls is a major achievement and there was clear improvement during the series. In the final race on 20 March, we had numerous top 10 placings. There are up to 40 competitors in each age grade, so a top 10 finish is a great achievement.

  • Cerys Findlow – 3rd
  • Abigail To – 4th
  • Sophia Ng, Sienna Payne – 5th
  • Amelia McIntosh – 6th
  • Ellie Cumberland, Ariel Lam – 8th
  • Angela He, Summer Ou – 9th
  • Isla MacRae – 10th

Term 1 Finals

In order to progress to the finals, students needed to have a top 10 placing across the whole series which only four of our students managed to do.

They competed in the Sprint Finals on Sunday 7 April. This consists of two races on the same day, in two different school locations. Students finishing the morning race in the Top 10 for their age grade are then held in quarantine while everyone else races, preventing any discussion of the course. They then start in reverse order, so the fastest runners start last, resulting in some exciting sprint finishes.

Abbie To (Year 7), Ellie Cumberland (Year 8), Cerys Findlow (Intermediate), and Sienna Payne (Senior) competed in the finals, with Ellie, Cerys and Sienna all placing in the top 10 during the morning race.

Final results for the day were:

  • Sienna Payne – 8th
  • Cerys Findlow – 6th
  • Ellie Cumberland – 17th
  • Abbie To – MP

Orienteering Central Zones – Year 7 and 8

In addition to the Secondary School Sprint series (which also has the Year 7 and 8 categories), there is a special competition for Year 7 and 8 orienteers. All the Year 7 and 8 students in the Orienteering Squad took part, along with a number of Year 8 students who had tried out orienteering during Education Outside The Classrooms (EOTC) week. In total we had 25 students competing.

Dio students achieved great results in this competition, although not quite making the standard for the finals.

  • Flora Stevens, Jessica Wang, Ellie Cumberland, Angela He – 2nd
  • Catalina Collinson, Bella Pavelin – 3rd
  • Stella Leach – 4th
  • Isla MacRae – 5th

Our Year 8 teams came in 4th and 5th.

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