Thursday 30 November, 2023
2023 Senior Prizegiving Results
The 2023 Diocesan Senior Prizegiving results

The 2023 Senior Prizegiving awards represent hours of dedication and commitment to excellent by their recipients. We are very proud of all girls who have participated in the school’s curricular and co-curricular programmes. The final results of prize giving are:

Year 11 – Academic Honours with Certificates for Top in Subject & Subject Excellence

Holly Bricklebank – Top in Subject Economics, Science & Level 2 History
Evie Hope -Top in Subject Biological Science, Subject Excellence English, Mathematics & Physical Science
Jane Li – Subject Excellence Economics, Level 2 Mathematics with Calculus
Hayley Liu – Subject Excellence History
Leer Mao – Top in Subject Visual Creative Arts A, Subject Excellence English
Julie Qian – Top in Subject Chinese & Level 2 Mathematics with Calculus

Year 11 – Academic High Distinction with Certificates for Top in Subject & Subject Excellence

Ivy Barrington – Top in Subject French, Spanish, Subject Excellence English
Ella Bosselmann – Top in Subject Drama, Subject Excellence Science
Boh Curran – Subject Excellence Economics & Sports & Exercise Science
Chloe Dasler
Holly Fendall
Lucia Groser
Ananya Lahoty
Ria Michaels – Top in Subject Physical Science, Subject Excellence Biological Science
Isabel Opie
Jenny Seo
Molly Sherrard – Top in Subject Sports & Exercise Science, Subject Excellence Science
Emma Wang – Subject Excellence Level 2 Mathematics with Calculus
Nina Wilson – Top in Subject English, Geography, Subject Excellence Mathematics & Science

Year 11 – Academic Distinction with Certificates for Top in Subject & Subject Excellence
Isobella Baggaley – Subject Excellence English, Level 2 History
Amelia Bonning
Daisy Buchanan
Sophie Edmonds – Top in Subject Digital Technologies, Subject Excellence Science
Zoe Fisher – Subject Excellence Mathematics
Yeshvi Kamdar
Sophie Lockyer – Top in Subject Dance
Alice McKendry
Elizabeth Nicholls
Erin Veal
Kate Wackrow
Athena Wong – Top in Subject Accounting & Subject Excellence Mathematics
Roxie Yang

Year 11 Top in Subject Awards

Olive McLatchie – Applied Science
Madeleine Vincent – Business Studies
Joanna Chen – Classical Studies & Subject Excellence English 
Felicity Tongue – Design & Visual Communication 
Lucy Gilleece – Food Design Technology 
Jacqueline Nasrabadi – German & Subject Excellence Business Studies & Mathematics 
Charlotte Sawden – Health Science and Psychology 
Sophie Macdonald – Japanese
Madeleine Christianse – Latin 
Zoe Schnuriger – Material Design Technology 
Joia Jackson – Media Studies & Music
Aimee Li – Mathematics 
Annabelle Frankham – Whaea Val Trophy for Y11 Te Reo Māori 
Joanna Bentley – Visual Creative Arts B

Year 11 Subject Excellence Awards

Madeleine Green – Business Studies
Violet Tucker – English 
Sophie Walton – Health Science and Psychology

Year 11 Special Awards

Leer Mao (Year 13 Cup) – MacCormick Mathematics Cup for Excellence in Mathematics
Sylvia Liu – English Language Award for Learners of English as another language
Grazia Lamdin – National Art Supplies Award for Visual Arts 
Madeleine Christiansen – Heritage Foundation Dio Arts Award
Joia Jackson – Arts Award
Isla Sellar – Sports Award
Hayley Liu – EY Award

Year 12 Awards

Year 12 – Academic Honours with Certificates for Top in Subject & Subject Excellence

Sydney Bell – Top in Subject Economics, Subject Excellence Mathematics Statistics
Jessica Druskovich – Top in Subject Accounting, Economics, Subject Excellence Physics
Amelia Frear – Subject Excellence Level 3 English Written Language & Lindsay Cooper Cup for Level 3 Latin
Vanessa Huang – Top in Subject Chemistry, Digital Technologies, Latin & Physics, Subject Excellence Level 3 Mathematics Calculus
Lucy Kilgour – Top in Subject IB Diploma German & History
Olive Reynolds – Top in Subject English & Geography
Sophie Tierney
Danielle Wong – Top in Subject Classical Studies, Subject Excellence Chemistry & English
Zoe Wong – Subject Excellence Biology & English
Amanda Yu – Top in Subject Design & Visual Communication sponsored by National Art Supplies, Top in Subject Visual Art DesignSubject Excellence English

Year 12 – Academic High Distinction with Certificates for Top in Subject & Subject Excellence

Alice Christie
Alexandra Fletcher
Harriet Fletcher – Top in Subject Biology, Media Studies & Level 3 History, Subject Excellence Chemistry
Anno Fukutake – Subject Excellence Business Studies
Olivia Judd – Top in Subject Material Design Technology
Amelia McIntosh – IB Diploma Geography & Vancouver Award for Outstanding Performance in Physics
Maya Willis – Top in Subject Drama, Subject Excellence Media Studies
Rose Yuan – Top in Subject IB Diploma French ab Initio & Mathematics AA

Year 12 – Academic Distinction with Certificates for Top in Subject & Subject Excellence

Isabella Ballard
Eva Cope
Jamie Cottrell – Subject Excellence Health Science, Psychology
Jessica Gao – Top in Subject IB Diploma Economics & Mathematics AI
Sophia Hardie – Subject Excellence Biology
Sophia Jackson
Kanishka Kapadia
Casey Lam – Top in Subject IB Diploma Biology & Chemistry & Chinese B
Elinor Millar – Top in Subject Chinese, Subject Excellence English & Mathematics
Rohanna Sharma
Amy Shennan – Subject Excellence Biology
Zara Tucker
Natasha Wu
Selina Yang

Year 12 Top in Subject Awards

Edith Li – IB Diploma English A 
Eva Wang – IB Diploma Chinese A & English B 
Gillian Le – IB Diploma Spanish 
Talia Wood – IB Diploma Psychology 
Sophie Tang – IB Diploma Visual Art
Stephanie Holden – Business Studies 
Madeleine Walker – Dance 
Selina Yu – Food Design Technology & French 
Chloe Luo – Health Science and Psychology 
May Wang – History of Art 
Isabella Meredith – Mathematics 
Katherine Eggleston – Mathematics with Statistics 
Catarina Young – Music and Visual Arts Photography 
Millie Struthers – Tourism 
Ava Dixon – Sports & Exercise Science 
Zali Fisher – Visual Art Paint 
Avy Winlove – Visual Art Print

Year 12 Subject Excellence Awards

Frances Revell-Devlin – English

Year 12 Special Awards

Vanessa Huang – The Win Lewis Lamp for Latin 
Harriet Fletcher – Fiona Young Cup for Original Writing 
Alyssa Richardson – Heritage Foundation Elizabeth Webb Memorial Prize for Writing
Catarina Young – Rosey Eady Prize for Photography Year 12 
Anno Fukutake – National Art Supplies Award for Visual Arts
May Wang & Hannah Wellington – Heritage Foundation Dio Arts Award
Grace Hegley – Arts Award 
Vita Yarrell-Stevenson – Sports Award 
Harriet Hope – Senior Ko Tātou Cup
Danielle Wong & Amanda Yu – The Heritage Foundation Dorothy Shrewsbury Bursary

Diocesan Alumnae Association Awards

Lotosina Tavui – The Ethel Sandford Bursary for Music
Isobella Baggaley – The Mary Pulling Award Year 11 
Sophia Jackson – The Mary Pulling Award Year 12

Academic Scholarships – Year 11

Holly Bricklebank
Evie Hope
Leer Mao
Jane Li

Academic Scholarships – Year 12

Sophie Tierney
Danielle Wong
Zoe Wong
Amanda Yu

Arts Scholarships

Ella Bosselmann
Maya Willis

Sports Scholarship

Ellie Millard

Principal’s Awards – Year 11

Eloise Cain
Aaliyah Dye
Madison Grammer
Scarlett Kirk
Jacqueline Nasrabadi
Zoe Schnuriger
Kate Wackrow
Emma Wang

Principal’s Awards – Year 12

Sydney Bell
Emily Bigwood
Jamie Cottrell
Alison Fu
Indigo Kirk
Krysten Roberts
Paige Rose
Dora Sun

Principal’s Awards – Year 13

Maisie Cavanagh
Lucia Ferguson
Simonie Lam
Pragati Mohan
Hannah Smith
Eva Wen
Emma Wilson
Rosie Wiseman

Year 13 – Academic Honours and Subject Excellence Awards

Christina Cai
Maisie Cavanagh
Lauren Chee
Charlotte Elliott
Alexandra Graney
Rebecca Hounsell
Aimee Schnuriger
Jenna Veal
Pascale Vincent – Subject Excellence Biology
Alex Wackrow
Candice Yuan

Year 13 – Academic High Distinction and Subject Excellence Awards

Annabelle Baigent
Tessa Hickin
Selena Hu
Doris Jiang
Honour Mitchell
Alice Sharpe
Margot Sullivan
Olivia Turnbull – Subject Excellence Mathematics with Statistics
Eva Wen
Victoria Wright – Subject Excellence Chemistry

Year 13 – Academic Distinction and Subject Excellence Awards 

Lucy Blanchard
Aniva Clarke – Subject Excellence English Visual & Oral Language
Lucia Ferguson
Nina Fisher
Danielle Foster
Holly Haskell
Simonie Lam
Sherry Liu – Subject Excellence English Visual & Oral Language & Mathematic with Statistics
Bharathi Manikandan
Juliet Nasrabadi
Sophie Shuttleworth
Sammy Smith
Olivia Smithies
Sydney Sparks
Eleanor Tenbensel
Grace Wellington

Subject Excellence Awards

Hattie Miles – Subject Excellence Business Studies
Lucy Paramore – Subject Excellence History
Coco Pett – Subject Excellence Health & Sports Science

Year 13 – IB Diploma Awards

Christina Cai – Diploma Biology, Chinese A, English B, & Psychology 
Maisie Cavanagh – Diploma Arts, English A, History 
Lauren Chee – Diploma Chemistry
Candice Yuan – Diploma Chinese B 
Alice Sharpe – Diploma French 
Eleanor Tenbensel – Diploma French ab Initio 
Bonnie Lin – Diploma Geography
Alex Wackrow – Diploma Arts, Economics, Japanese Mathematics & Physics 
Maisie Cavanagh – IB Diploma Learner Profile Award

Year 13 NCEA Top in Subject Awards

Alexandra Graney – Accounting Award 
Alexandra Graney – National Art Supplies Design & Visual Communication Award 
Alexandra Graney – Mathematics with Calculus
Alexandra Graney – Vancouver Award for Outstanding Performance in Theoretical & Practical Physics
Taylah Wood – Heritage Foundation Cropper Prize for Senior Art 
Xanthe Williams – Turnbull Cup for Senior Art 
Mala Campbell – Photolife Art Design Award 
Pascale Vincent – Business Studies Award 
Pascale Vincent – English Written Language Award 
Pascale Vincent – Mathematics with Statistics 
Jenna Veal – Heritage Foundation Lady Reeves Prize for Biology 
Jenna Veal – New Zealand Institute of Physics Award for Outstanding Contribution to Year 13 Physics 
Charlotte Elliott – Kim Percy Cup for Excellence in Chemistry 
Olivia Smithies – The Alastair Fleming Memorial Classical Studies Award 
Olivia Smithies – The Denise Atkins Cup for Excellence in Health Education 
Grace Wellington – Dance Award
Aimee Schnuriger – Drama Award
Aimee Schnuriger – English Visual/Oral Language Award
Aimee Schnuriger – Sally Symes Award for Excellence & Innovation in Photography 
Maia Souloglou – Earth Space Science 
Maia Souloglou – Technology – Fabrics Award for Innovation in Design 
Danielle Foster – Digital Technologies 
Tessa Hickin – Economics Award 
Tessa Hickin – The Johnson Cup for Food Design Technology 
Hattie Miles – Geography Award 
Lucia Ferguson – Hospitality & Food Technology cup donated by Margaret Hay 
Pragati Mohan – Media Studies Award 
Emma Wilson – Mathematics 
Margot Sullivan – Advanced Mathematics 
Sherry Liu – Poulgrain Prize for Modern Languages 
Kaea Heke – Music Award 
Eliza East – The Anna Elvery Award for Excellence in Physical Education
Isobel Fletcher – Religious Studies Award 
Frances Hunt – Erina Murphy Memorial Prize for Te Reo Māori 
Cleo Foster – Tourism Award for Overall Excellence & Commitment to the Tourism Course

Year 13 Special Awards

Maia Hunter – Angela Edgington Cup for Excellence in Historical Research
Lucy Furness – Heritage Foundation Perdita Barclay Prize for Original Research in Geography 
Eleanor Christiansen – Lawson Cup for Excellence and Commitment in Music
Alex Wackrow – One Tree Hill Borough Award for Progress in Japanese 
Alex Wackrow – Heritage Foundation Patricia France Award for Literacy in Fine Arts 
Pragati Mohan – Ara Lodge No. 348 Irish Constitution Fine Arts Award
Doris Jiang – National Art Supplies Award for Excellence in Visual Arts
Aimee Schnuriger – The Philosophy, Religion & Ethics Award 
Juliet Nasrabadi – Grayson Cup for Leadership & Initiative 
Grace Allan – Allison Roe Award for Service to Sport 
Georgia Daly & Grace Wellington – Del Hooper Award for Outstanding Individual Sporting Achievement 
Isabelle Hitchen & Rebecca Hounsell – Barbara Kissling Cup for Premier Sportswoman of the Year 
Felicity Bannatyne & Alice Sharpe – Vicki Hearfield Cup for initiative, enthusiasm, and passion for chosen sports 
Bharathi Manikandan – The Imogen Wells Award for Outstanding Performance in the Arts 
Elizabeth Peters – The Rosey Eady Cup “Making a Difference” in the Arts 
Rebecca Christie – The David Gordon Cup for Commitment and Excellence in the Arts 
Pascale Vincent – Averill Award for Services to Performing Arts

Service Awards

Samantha Thompson – Yr11 Service Award 
Sophie Tierney – Yr12 Service Award
Tessa Hickin – Yr13 Service Award 
Alex Wackrow & Grace Allan – Heritage Foundation Beale Awards for Service to the School
Aniva Clarke – Ut Serviamus Award


Aimee Schnuriger & Hattie Miles – Bond University Queensland with an Excellence Scholarship 
Consuela Guo – University of Michigan – Golf 
Eva Allan – San Diego State University – Swimming 
Georgia Daly – University of California, Davis – Waterpolo 
Grace Wellington – University of Alaska – Gymnastics 

Felicity Bannatyne – Queenstown Resort College National Scholarship for Enthusiasm for the industry, Commitment and professionalism and Personal Excellence

Alexandra Graney, Emma Herrick & Maia Hunter – Victoria University – Tangiwai Scholarships
Aniva Clarke – Victoria University Mana Paskfika Scholarship

Grace Allan, Annabelle Baigent, Charlotte Elliott, Nina Fisher, Isobel Fletcher, Rebecca Hounsell, Lucy Irwin, Honour Mitchell, Juliet Nasrabadi, Coco Pett, Sophie Shuttleworth, Kate Skinner-Spence, Sammy Smith, Margot Sullivan, Taylah Wood  University of Canterbury Hiranga Scholarships & Danielle Foster, who is also awarded a Product Design Scholarship

Jess Barclay, Grace Bridgeman, Rosie Wiseman – University of Otago New Frontiers Excellence Entrance Scholarship

Lucy Blanchard, Lauren Chee, Eliza East, Holly Haskell, Sienna Kirk, Bharathi Manikandan, Lucy Nevill, Olivia Turnbull, Xanthe Williams, Victoria Wright – University of Otago Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship

Tyler Butler, Isabella Dalton, Mia Elsmore, Kaea Heke, Amelia Munro, Molly Sadgrove  – University of Otago Māori Entrance Scholarship

Anna Lepua, Imogen Moller–Thompson, Mia Tinkler – University of Otago Pacific Entrance Scholarship

Jessica Finnegan  – Otago Performance Entrance Scholarship

Arya Blackler, Charlotte Henderson, Billie Frecker Netten, Olivia Smithies – University of Otago Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship

Tessa Hickin – University of Otago Academic Excellence Scholarship

Eva Cope – The University of Auckland Faculty of Arts Award

Amelia Frear – University of Auckland Faculty of Arts Entry Scholarship

Simonie Lam – University of Auckland 140th Anniversary Academic Scholarship

Pascale Vincent – The University of Auckland Top Achievers Scholarship

Jenna Veal  – University of Auckland Faculty of Science High Achiever Entry Scholarship

Aiko Taylor – Dame Rosie and Michael Horton Prize

Sammy Smith – The Hassall Deputy Head Prefect Cup for Leadership commitment and dedication to Diocesan School for Girls

Aniva Clarke – The Hassall Head Prefect Cup for Leadership commitment and dedication to Diocesan School for Girls

Bharathi Manikandan – Eliza Edwards Memorial Award
Jenna Veal – Proxime Accessit to the Dux

Charlotte Elliott – The NCEA Dux for 2023 
Christina Cai – The IB Dux for 2023

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